October 26-31, 2022

IUFRO 3.08.00

Small-scale Forestry International Conference 2022

Okinawa, JAPAN

This conference is hosted by IUFRO 3.08.00 Small-scale Forestry, University of the Ryukyus, and the Japanese Forest Economic Society with the cooperation of IUFRO 9.06.00 Forest Law and Environmental Legislation.

Progress in Small-scale Forestry
beyond the Pandemic and Global Climate Change

More than 70 presentations from 20 countries are scheduled
as of August 20, 2022.

First day - October 26

Opening session,Oral sessions & Poster sessions

Second day - October 27

Oral sessions,Poster sessions

Third day - October 28

One-day excursion,Closing ceremony

Forth day - October 29

Public symposium

October 30, 31

Post-conference excursion


  • Policy framework for small-scale forestry against the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Community based and municipal forestry in remote areas including small islands and mountainous regions.

  • Family and/or farm forestry practices under the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Roles and possibilities of forest owners’ cooperatives.

  • Knowledge and wisdom of customary forest practices in rural areas.

  • Promotion of non-timber forest products in industrialized countries.

  • Policy, economic, and practical issues in carbon sequestration in small-scale and community forestry.

  • Activities of small-scale sawmills and processing factories.

  • Tourism and recreational use of non-industrial forests.

  • New directions for forest and environmental legislations under the global climate change.

  • Impact of forest and environmental protection laws and regulations on small-scale forestry.

  • Comparative studies on forest and land related legislations in developed countries.