Organizing Committee is making efforts to prepare the conference under the difficult conditions of COVID-19. Presently, foreigners are not able to come into Japan freely, but the regulation is gradually going to be eased. We are a little optimistic to see if we can hold the conference in late October. However, the situation is still unpredictable, so the final decision on whether or not to hold the conference is scheduled for the end of July, 2022.

Therefore, the collection of the registration fees will start on August 1st. The conference registration fee and post-conference excursion participation fee are shown in the table below. Early bird discounts are available until August 31st, after which regular rates will apply.

In Post-Conference Excursion, we will visit the Yambaru area with abundant biodiversity, which was designated as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in July 2021. Details will be announced by middle of June.