October 30, Sun - 31, Mon

Post-conference excursion

October 30

Start from the Parking of Okinawa Convention Center

  1. Forest Park of Okinawa Prefecture
    It is located in Onna Village. There are forest science museum and several nature trails. You can learn about structure and functions of broadleaf forest in sub-tropics.

  2. Museum of Mountain and Water in Higashi Village
    It is a small but unique museum with full of history of rural life as well as nature and wildlife. You can learn traditional forestry in Yambaru here.

  3. Yambaru Wildlife Conservation Center Ufugi Nature Museum
    This is an intriguing nature museum and also a visitor center of Yambaru National Park as well as the World Natural Heritage run by the Ministry of the Environment. You can learn about wildlife species and unique ecosystem in Yambaru here.

  4. Yambaru Discovery Forest
    It is a recreational activity center run by Kunigami Village.
    We will stay here overnight. It is a small but clean and comfortable accommodation. You can experience a night nature walk after the dinner upon request.

Okinawa Prefectural Forest Park
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Museum of Mountain and Water
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Yambaru Wildlife Conservation Center Ufugi Nature Museum
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Yambaru Discovery Forest
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October 31

  1. Kunigami Forest Owners Cooperative
    This organization is the centerpiece of small-scale forestry in Yambaru. In addition to being responsible for logging and planting, it also operates a small sawmill and nursery.

  2. Yambaru National Park: Daisikirinzan
    It is a karst hill with a full of strange rocks located in the most northern part of Okinawa Island. We also visit the newly opened rock museum with a variety of rocks in the Ryukyu Archipelago.

  3. Kouri island

Kouri Island is one of the most scenic spots in Okinawa and is connected to the main island by an impressively beautiful bridge.

  1. Bise Fukugi Tree Street
    Shelter wood lines of Fukugi trees like a tunnel to protect the village from strong winds and typhoon.

Back to Nago, Ginowan, and Naha upon your request.

Kunigami Forest Owners Cooperative

Yambaru Natonal Park:
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Kouri island

Bise Fukugi Tree Street

The schedule of the post-conference excursion is subject to change.